Acquiring citizenship and work permits – prices for services


Private law practice provides the following services:

1. Acquirement of Romanian citizenship. Preparation and submission of files in view of Romanian citizenship acquirement by foreign citizens domiciled in Romania who fulfil the requirements provided at art. of Law 21/1991 on Romanian citizenship, as amended and completed, monitoring of such files until their final settlement (publication in the Official Gazette and taking of oath) = Euro 1000.

2. Interview for citizenship acquirement. Preparation for taking the interview in view of acquiring the Romanian citizenship = Ron 100/ session.

3. Acquirement of Romanian passport by foreign citizens domiciled abroad. File preparation and submission in view of passport acquirement by Romanian citizens domiciled abroad or passport acquirement with domicile in Romania – Euro 100

4. Criminal record from Romania for foreign citizens. Acquirement of criminal record from Romania – Euro 50.
5. Re-acquirement of Romanian citizenship by ex Romanian citizens who have lost this capacity for various reasons – Euro 300.

6. Renunciation of Romanian citizenship. File preparation and submission in view of renouncing to Romanian citizenship – Euro 300.

7. Transcription of birth and marriage certificates issued by authorities of other states, recording of specifications for changing the name in civil status documents, taking over and apostille affixing on birth and marriage certificates of ex Romanian citizens - from Euro 150 to 250 for each operation, according to the locality where the settlement takes place and according to such operation’s difficulty.

8. Fixing the domicile in Romania. File preparation and submission for foreign citizens who fulfil the requirements necessary for fixing their domicile in Romania – Euro 1000.

9. Work permits. File preparation in view of acquiring the work licences and residence permits in Romania – Euro 1500 (including all related charges and fees).

10. Extension of the right of residence in Romania – Euro 200.

11. Repatriation. Settlement of repatriation applications – Euro 300.

12. Tourist, visitation visas. Invitation files for visitation, tourism purposes etc. - Euro 300. Admission in Romania – Euro 400.
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