6 steps for establishing a non-governmental organization in Romania:

1. We acquire and take over from the Ministry of Justice:

- Denomination reservation – acquired within 5 working days as from the application submission day. Validity: 3 months as from its issuance day.

2. We draft and certify:

- Memorandum and Articles of Association (5-6 copies)

- Articles of Association (5-6 copies);

- Commodatum contract related to the office (5-6 copies).

3. Office:

- Commodatum contract – if the location owner does not charge rent;

- Lease contract – if the location owner does charge rent;

- Assent of the neighbours having walls coincident with the walls of the apartment (house) – office;

- Assent of the Association of Owners/ Tenants – as the case may be.

4. Establishment of patrimony:

- we deposit to the bank, on your behalf, your share capital.

5. We submit the file to the Court of Law:

- we pay file submission related charges and judicial stamp;

- we are granted the term of 3 days, maximum one week;

- we attend the judgement session by which your non-governmental organization is established;

6. We achieve the release of the civil hearing report (decision) by which your non-governmental organization is established and we record your non-governmental organization with the Registry of Associations and Foundations.


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